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We are a leading architecture and interior design firm in Goa. We offer a wide range of design services to ensure that your dreams are fulfilled.

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Committed to working with a no-compromise formula, we create the perfect mix of aesthetic beauty and practical functionality to create inspired spaces. Our expert in-house team of specialists ensures that distinctiveness is delivered in every project.

Interior Design

Striving to craft a unique identity with a personal touch, we handle a diverse range of commercial, institutional and residential projects that work on both newly built and refurbished spaces.


Working towards the ultimate goal of delivering customised, dynamic, and eye-catching imaging solutions. We offer a wide array of services, including computer-generated 3D visualizations and graphical presentations among others.

Project Management

With an unnerving commitment to deliver our work within deadlines, we ensure a successful project delivery by paying attention to all the intricacies of the project: from coordinating with consultants and appointing on-site staff, to day-to-day coordination and supervision.

About Rita

About Rita

Name : Ar. Rita Mody Joshi

Date & Place of Birth : 30th October 1959, Jamshedpur

Status : Married, one daughter

Office cum Residence Address: H.No. 2/455 A, Chogm House, Chogm Road, Naika Waddo, Calangute, Bardez , Goa 403516.

Educational Qualifications :

  • 2 years Pre-Science – Mt. Carmel College, Bangalore (KARNATAKA)
  • 5 year degree in B.Arch – Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (C.E.P.T), Ahmedabad (GUJARAT)
  • AutoCAD – E.D.C. Centre, Panjim (GOA)

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We obsess over every detail to create beautiful spaces that truly reflect
the ways our clients live and work.

Art Hotel Project

Calangute, Goa


Corjuem, Goa

Luxo villa (Revitalization)

Aldona, Goa

Yassmine Laraki

Cunchelim, Goa

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  • R – reputation beyond compare, second to none.
    I – immaculate concepts and execution.
    T – transparency in accounting.
    A – architect for you, you and you; for everyone, for all seasons and all reasons.

    I plucked Rita’s name out of the www firmament on pure instinct which turned into firm conviction that I had picked a winner. She is no longer the architect who saw my project in Goa, through to completion from my half baked thoughts and ideas as the foundation.

    She is now a firm friend and in this I take great pride. I can think of no greater compliment to bestow upon her!!!!


    Dr. Subhash Singh
  • Having a perfect home is a dream for one and all. With this thought we met Rita Mody to take on the assignment of our new house. As we are not living in GOA and not being able to supervise her with what we want or don’t want or our likes, taste was a bit of a concern for us , as we always wanted our home to be an extension of ourselves that reflects our personality and character. But I am delighted to say that in a few meetings she actually could understand and deliver what we wanted. She has brought some amazing ideas, taken care of even minute details and transformed our dream home into reality.

    She is immensely organized, be it in the execution of her ideas or something as sensitive as finances. She is quite flexible and accommodating and never ever given a chance to complain or object about money related criticalities. She brought finesse and grace to every small part of the house and well within our finances. With talented interior designers like her, building a house in not a burden anymore!! Her style of working and aesthetic sense has exceeded our expectations.

    A big thank you

    Sydney Pinto
  • Rita is always a warm personality creating architectural marvels in Goa and elsewhere .Her creative ideas are exemplified in the creation of our dream “ashiyana” SHALINI at Donapala, Goa,with equally creative inputs from Rupa my wife.

    Rita is very brilliant and extremely accommodative with a wealth of ideas having excellent functionalities in her creations unlike other architects.

    I wish her all the best in all her endevours . In my opinion she is one of the best architect and truly a very good person.

    Dr. Sanjay Khope
  • Architecture is more than just piling stones to build a building. An architect needs to have a passion for what she’s doing, and the rest just comes by heart. Rita loves what she does. She doesn’t just build houses, she builds relationships as well. Ask any of her Client’s and they’ll tell you the same.

    As an Architect, Rita has a repertoire of being one of the best. She is a visionary, an artist and backed with the highest technical knowledge and understanding of how structures work. I recall having an argument with her on a certain aspect of my construction. She just refused to budge from her standpoint, as she said she just didn’t see it that way. Now I thank her for her stand as it wouldn’t have worked any other way. She masters the details, without losing sight of the big picture and at the same time masters the general idea without overlooking the details.

    Another thing what amazed me was her ability to handle many Clients and co-related jobs simultaneously. She would walk on to the site remembering each detail and problem as if this was the only project she had.

    She is someone who is optimistic in everything she does. There were times when my project would get me down, but Rita would come with an injection of positivity. She would urge me on and go the extra yard of trying to fix problems that were not her concern.

    If I had another project, I wouldn’t have to worry about having to look for a good architect. I have already found one.

    Melroy Pinto
  • Testimonial Over a period of time, I realized that my house was aging and needed a visual refresh and some minor renovations. But I was unable to figure out how to go about the whole thing. I wanted to make some changes to the front façade of my house. Prima facie, it was relatively a small job. All I had to do was consult an architect. But for one of repute, name and status, this was relatively passable and small. I just discussed casually, and the task was accepted, surprisingly. The task was carried out to the finest detail. What was intriguing was a site visit made late at night to envision how the structure would turn out to be. That is the kind of dedication you can expect when you approach an architect who actually walks, talks, eats, dreams with passion only architecture.

    Shrivallabh Sardessai
    BNI Elegance
  • As your term as Chairperson of the IWN Goa Chapter has recently come to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment shown towards the advancement of the Chapter.

    Over the last one year, your leadership has been characterised by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuable, your tireless efforts to increase the credibility and visibility of IWN Goa Chapter in the State.

    It is our very great pleasure on behalf of the CII Goa State Council and the Membership of CII & IWN Goa Chapter as a whole to thank you for your dedication and the great job you have accomplished as Chair of IWN Goa Chapter. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavors and we look forward to your ongoing involvement in IWN Initiatives.

    Thank you,
    Confederation of Indian Industry & Indian Women Network, Goa

    Atrey Sawant
    Chairman- CII Goa State Council

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    Naika Vaddo,Calangute,

    Bardez, Goa. 403516.