Service Overview

Meticulous planning, collaboration and absolute commitment to deadlines are the bedrock of our Project Management Consultancy (PMC).

Before you get started

We step in at the pre-planning stage, arranging for site set-up and coordinating with consultants for site plans, visits, and relevant documentation. We brainstorm with the client to finalise the requirement of amenities and their specifications, along with quantity analysis, and estimation. We oversee the appointment of contractors and relieve the client from the hassle of negotiating work agreements with them and other third-party vendors.

On site

Once work begins on site, we help appoint site staff and ensure complete supervision of the project. We follow up with daily reports and regular quality checks to keep the project deliverables on track.

During the project

We limit the stress on our clients by handling the day-to-day coordination with contractors and vendors. This includes:

  • Technical supervision
  • Coordinating with material suppliers and ensuring timely delivery
  • Making purchase orders
  • Approving invoices and coordinating for payments
  • Delivering necessary bar charts and drawings
  • Procuring relevant certificates and documents
  • Ensuring on-site safety precautions
  • Resolving labour issues
project-management consultancy

The finish line

At the final stage, we supervise the possession process to ensure that the building is handed over upon completion, along with all relevant project data, including drawings, work orders, rate contracts, certificates and reports.

From start to finish, we are with you all the way.